What is SomaYoga Therapy?

Years of stress, traumas and repetitive movement patterns, lead to chronic muscular holding and pain. The good news is that we can address the underlying causes of pain through an active learning process called Somatic Neuromuscular Re-education.

Clinical Somatic Education was developed by Dr. Thomas Hanna Ph.D. Dr. Hanna studied neurophysiology and movement and came to understand how stress, trauma and habitual muscular patterns lead to chronic muscle contraction, pain and degeneration. A yogi himself, he explored and developed groundbreaking self and assisted movement techniques, to reverse the damaging muscular reflex patterns that left unchecked lead to many conditions across our population. He applied the techniques in his own body and watched his yoga practice blossom, and he spread this revolutionary practice, debunking what he called, “The Myth of Aging.”

SomaYoga Therapy techniques will help you first release chronic muscular holding and pain, rediscover the role of your essential breath, learn about stress, your nervous system and disease, restore posture, relearn proper movement patterns and move you towards a strong and inspired life – whether that be a regular yoga practice, a running program, ease and function at work, stamina for your favourite hobby or playing with your children, or offer you tools for more ease of living with disease.