Breathing Practices

Six Ingredients to Optimal Healing

You can’t heal when your nervous system is in overdrive.

Generally speaking, your nervous system can be in overdrive just from the demands of your busy life and many responsibilities. Then when an illness or injury occurs your nervous system is stressed even further. These circumstances are less than ideal for optimal healing.

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Please download these audios to your laptop or mobile device and as use a part of your home practice. Regular breath, body awareness and Yoga Nidra practices nourish and downgrade overactive nervous systems. This will leave you more balanced in your body and mind.

Enjoy these 3 practices. There are more to come soon.


Body Awareness Practice - 9:06

Stress creates disease - the art of listening heals

Our physiology has equipped us with the ability to fight, flight or freeze in the face of imminent danger. This natural autonomic response served us well in pre-historic times. After the danger was over, we settled back into a rest and digest, nervous system response. But today it’s a different story.

Today our lifestyles, work habits, poor postural habits and weakened resiliency mean that the threats to our nervous system health are exponential – leaving us chronically overstimulated.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhana) has the profound ability to completely balance every aspect of the mind, body and overall health. Medical research shows that just ten minutes of alternate nostril breathing can dramatically affect brain waves in a positive manner and 24 minutes a day is ideal – one for each hour of the day.

If there is one practice that will serve everyone it is the practice of Alternate Nostril Breathing.

Seated Alternate Nostril Breathing

The breath grounds, connects and heals the nervous system and breathing practices should be the first thing prescribed by doctors to all their patients.

Outlined here is one therapeutic breathing practice that can help you get in touch with your essential breath, also referred to as Diaphragmatic Breathing or Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilizing Breath. Take your time with it and observe how this practice affects you.

Essential Breath Image

Breath is life force and essential to supporting all the functions and systems in our bodies, thereby regulating health. Those with imbalanced health generally have compromised, shortened or reverse breathing patterns.