What my awesome clients have to say

I learned how to "fix" myself with Somatic Neuromuscular Re-education

At 15, I discovered I had a scoliosis and for the following 30 years I mostly just ignored it because I was told there was nothing that could be done about it. I loved to run and hike and put up with the occasional time when my back would give me trouble for a few weeks or months at a time.

Then one day, during a particularly stressful time period, I woke up with lower back pain that got progressively worse. As the weeks led to months, I sought out all sorts of specialists: chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage therapist, pelvic health physiotherapist. Most would ultimately tell me that they didn’t know how to help me as all their usual “tricks” were not working. My back had become one tight mass of muscles that simply would not release themselves. Even taking the dogs for a short walk was painful.

After a year and a half, I stumbled upon Carrie Meyer and her Somatic Neuromuscular Re-education Therapy. It has been a lifesaver.

My back has transformed from a mass that moved as one unit, to a functional back where I have regained control over individual muscle groups.

My posture has changed dramatically. I can lie flat on a table again. I can walk the dogs without pain again. Most importantly, she has given me the skills to keep working on my back.

This is not a type of treatment where someone works on your back and fixes it for you – Carrie teaches you how to fix it yourself, giving you incredibly valuable skills and body awareness. It has not been easy, it has taken a long time and I am not yet fully re-covered, but I am seeing tremendous improvements. I feel empowered, and I feel that someday I may run again.

While I will always have a scoliosis, I have learned there are things I can do to ease the effects of scoliosis on my entire body. To anyone with chronic backpain, for whatever reason, I would highly recommend Carrie’s treatment.



Whitehorse, Yukon
December, 2019

I now, (in my 50's) have the tools to keep my body healthy and pain-free.

I've had what I considered 'minor' episodes of back pain since my 30s. No particular injury. I've had a pretty active lifestyle doing a variety of activities.

Now in my 50s, I experienced quite disabling back pain a couple of times, and began to not trust my body. Other therapies helped, but never prevented my recurrent episodes of back pain. A friend highly recommended Carrie. 

Something about how I felt leaving that initial session, made me commit to trying out this 'Somatics' thing. I have not had a serious back pain episode since my work with Carrie (about 1 year). And I now feel that I have the tools to keep my body healthy and pain-free. 


T. Rempel

Whitehorse, Yukon
November, 2019

Learned how to break 40 year cycle of pain and emotional stress

I first came to see Carrie because of chronic, severe back pain I have had for over 40 years from scoliosis.

I was initially only hoping for some relief from the constant pain – Carrie has not only been able to help with that, but in addition, her Somatic healing approach has also significantly improved many other areas of my life, including how I understand and heal from some serious trauma that was affecting me both emotionally and physically.

I have a long way to go in my healing journey, but without Carrie I would still be stuck in a negative cycle of pain and emotional distress. I am now much better able to cope with the challenges in my life.

Thank you, Carrie, for your ongoing professionalism, patience and compassion. 



Whitehorse, Yukon
November, 2019

Client Regains Restful Sleep, Clears Tendonitis and more...

In October 2018, I attended Carrie’s Somatic Movement Workshop not having any idea what somatic movement was.  Two items in the workshop description caught my attention: “if you are experiencing tension and pain, this is a good series for you” and “if you are tired, stressed or simply ready for a change, then this series is for you”.  I went into the workshop having no expectations, other than finding out what Somatic Movement was all about. I loved every single class.

Carrie has the ability to vocalize cues that helped me focus on the movements and target the muscles that were supposed to be working.  Carrie happily answered my many questions and was always very encouraging. By the end of the workshop the tendonitis in my elbow that had been causing me considerable pain for several months, was almost 100% resolved! This was quite amazing to me as it was a group setting with no specific focus on me or my personal aches & pains.

My next step was to see Carrie for one-on-one sessions. In my first session, Carrie suggested I try 3-3-3 Alternate Nostril Breathing for my poor sleep pattern. I routinely wake up during the night around 2 a.m. and will remain awake until 5-6 a.m., then fall back to sleep until my alarm goes off at 7 a.m. I can’t even begin to tell you how this breathing practice has changed my sleep pattern!  

The first night I tried it, I slept soundly through the night and woke up feeling well-rested. I have continued with this breathing practice every night and I am sleeping so well that I have no inclination to hit the snooze button when the alarm rings. It’s hard to believe that something so simple can have such profound results!

I have also noticed that I feel taller through my rib cage which provides more space and allows me to breathe & relax more deeply.

Carrie is fabulous! She is intuitive to your body’s specific needs and has a special ability to deliver her treatment in a gentle, safe and very effective manner.

I would highly recommend Carrie to everyone as I think everyone can benefit on some level, from Somatic Therapy.

December 2018
Whitehorse, Yukon

4 years of back pain gone after learning somatic neuromuscular re-education

Having sustained a back injury years ago, I tried everything to alleviate the pain including regular massages, physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic and medication. Although most methodologies provided me with some moderate temporary relief, I often found myself in pain, again, hours or days later.

I began my work with Carrie in March 2017, after being referred to her by my massage therapist. I left my first session feeling better than I had after leaving any other back related appointment in the past - although Carrie was quick to point out that I still bent uncomfortably to pick-up my purse at the end of the appointment!

Since March, I've learned incredible things about my body, including how to listen to it and explore it as opposed to restricting it in an effort to protect it. I've learned how important breath is. I've also learned about how my daily actions - the way I sit, walk, etc. - impact my body as a whole, and how these can have tremendous impact on my overall well-being. 

Follow-up sessions have provided me with additional comfort that has lasted, and continues to last. I am thrilled to report that I have been essentially
pain-free since June 2017.

I am amazed that it only took four months to fix the four years of pain that I endured, and it turns out it wasn't even my back that was the issue - its likely an injury to my shoulder that was causing my back pain!

I very much appreciate the one-on-one approach that Carrie uses, and how the sessions are geared to my body, specifically. Carrie is very patient (I ask a lot of questions!) and will use various methods to help me identify and engage sleepy muscles. I am completely, 100% sold on SomaYoga after witnessing first-hand what it has done for me. This will be my go-to from here-on-out.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!


A. D.
September 2017
Whitehorse, Yukon

Somayoga therapy a powerful tool for chronic pain, fatigue and anxiety

I believe the people I need always come along when I am ready to embrace a fundamental change and / or the process of 'walking through my fires', and this time was no different.  I was asking the universe to bring me someone who could do one to one breath work and therapeutic yoga with me.......and thankfully the universe brought me Carrie.  There is so much to say about how she has helped me that I have had to think intently about how to sum it all up.  

When I began working with Carrie I was looking for three things.  I needed therapeutic one to one support to address my physical challenges; I required tools to manage my increasing stress and anxiety; and most of all I needed to feel safe.

Things were so bad that I could not even bend to zip up my boots without my muscles knotting in pain.  I was experiencing increasing chronic pain in many areas of my body; and such a profound level of fatigue that it was all I could do to get through most days.  My level of activity continued to decline, and I was feeling caught in a physical "Catch 22" situation (the more I did, the more I hurt, the more I hurt the less I could do) that I knew I needed help to get out of.  My overall health was starting to decline, compounded by the fact I was also dealing with very intense stress from trauma, resulting in increasingly serious anxiety attacks.

I made a commitment to work with Carrie over 10 sessions and I immediately felt very comfortable with her.  In my experience she brought a clear, gentle and knowledgeable approach that engendered my trust.  I was dealing with intense personal trauma and needed to feel really safe in order to work with someone; and I needed to have my therapy in my home, which Carrie was willing to accommodate.

I learned something new about my body every session and began to see results immediately. I can tell you that I feel like a completely different person and I have gained valuable tools that I pull on daily.  

The only way I can describe it is that Carrie introduced me to my body in a way I have never experienced before.  I am ultimately elated as I continue to discover more about my body; experience increasing range of motion; enjoy significantly reduced pain.   I was telling someone the other day that I continue to be amazed at how I can move better everyday.  It almost makes me giddy!  As well, I have learned several new tools to manage my stress and anxiety attacks by just using my own breath!

I have much gratitude for Carrie coming into my life and I will continue to work with her, especially as I am working through some pretty intense trauma.  I gladly promote her skills and her approach to everyone in my world who is experiencing chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, etc.

Thank you, Carrie!


D. P.
January 2016
Whitehorse, Yukon

Near full mobility after 40% back fracture

The last year of somatic sessions with Carrie have brought my body nearly back to full mobility….amazing. For a woman nearing 70 with a lower back fracture of “40%”  I kind off figured I'd be walking crooked from here on out. Not so. I’m in better balance than in years.

Slow, steady, subtle change and amazing results.

I look forward to continuing this therapy well into graceful aging. Thank you!


L. P.
November 2016
Whitehorse, Yukon

Somatic model offers healing on many levels

When I first sought out treatment with Carrie, I had initially arrived with the expectation of relieving pain from an old ankle injury. Throughout our sessions (around a dozen), I realized that the somatic approach was allowing my entire body to integrate healing on many levels. Along with targeting the initial pain as planned, I was able to access parts of my body that had been "frozen" in old, painful patterns for years. Once these patterns were recognized and awakened, I could then begin to unwind and correct my body piece by piece.

The somatic healing/yoga therapy model works with the muscles and nervous system in a subtle, yet strong way. I noticed more benefits from these sessions than I ever had in a regular yoga class, as they focus on more than just stretching the body. The theory of consciously moving into pain in order to naturally release it really aligned with what my body needed.

Carrie works rigorously at keeping track of her client's progress, by taking notes and providing programs to practice at home between sessions. This enables clients to apply what is learned on their own, at their own pace.

The benefits that I have gained throughout this work have not only been physical, but emotional and spiritual as well. I believe that the body holds all of our memories and trauma on every level (not just physical). Being able to access and release my pain physically has allowed me to also do the same for my spiritual and emotional pain - this has contributed to a sense of wholeness and well-being.

I definitely recommend Carrie and Living Truth Yoga Therapy to anyone committed to their own healing, it has made a difference for me  onmy journey.


M. A.
October 2016
Whitehorse, Yukon

Highly recommend SomaYoga for anyone with Chronic Pain

I have been suffering from chronic pain and tightness in my jaw, neck and shoulders for over three years now. I have tried every possible treatment available to try and ease my symptoms. I began seeing Carrie after being referred to her by my physiotherapist and have been working with her for over four months now. She has taught me how to take control over my symptoms and to manage things in a positive and preventative way. Although my symptoms are still present, I have experienced a significant decrease in their intensity. I am so happy with the results of doing this somatic work with Carrie!

I am conscientious about doing the somatic exercises that Carrie has recommended for me every day. I actually look forward to my daily practice as it is a great stress reliever and a time for me to focus on healing. In fact, the somatic work has improved not only my physical health but my emotional well being too!

Carrie is lovely to work with. She is positive, encouraging and patient, and really takes the time to understand and explore what is going on in my body. Each session with her adds to my learning and helps to further my progress in improving my symptoms. I would highly recommend Carrie to anyone who suffers from chronic pain! I am so grateful for all that Carrie has done for me and I plan on continuing my work with her!

C. K.
October 2016
Whitehorse, Yukon

Back pain resolved in a few short sessions

When I first went to see Carrie, I was a bundle of tightness and pain, especially my back. Carrie’s unique ability to draw my attention to specific muscles during specific movements helped me to visualize these muscles that my brain seemed to have lost touch with and reconnect to the proper functioning, including – and this is key – letting the muscle relax! The results and positive feedback from my body were immediate and after just a few sessions the decrease in pain and tightness was amazing.

Another excellent benefit is Carrie’s talent of creating the awareness necessary for change. Now, no matter what I am doing, I am aware! Aware of how I stand, how I sit, how I walk, which muscles are involved in which movement, which muscles are lengthening, which are contracting and that the correct muscles are involved in the movement. If something hurts or feels tight, I consciously put my attention to that area, notice what is happening and put the corrective action in place. It works every time and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result!

Thank you Carrie for increasing my quality of life so tremendously.


K. S.
March 2016
Whitehorse, Yukon

I can now get up and down off the floor to play with my grandson

My story begins in my earlier years when I was involved with many sports and activities.

Through my involvement in competitive situations, I eventually adopted a sports attitude - play hard; play to win, win at all costs. Needless to say it was long before minor injuries started to develop and play a big role in how I succeeded. In that process, my body took a back seat in order to get the job done.

Growing into my adult years I was able to use that same attitude to formulate my road to success. “Work hard - Play Hard”. Well at the age of 47 with an attitude like that, my body started experiencing  lots of aches and pains. It was matter of fighting through the pain or help it with a superficial pain reliever. With the stress I put on myself, I ignored the signals my body was trying to tell me, I used my strong determination to carry on. And I see now that my body was perfect at compensating for any weakness I developed.  

Eventually a year ago I faced the most unfortunate event of my life. I survived from a stroke and lost the complete use and sensation of the left side of my body. This is where my story transpires into my testimonial to how I met Carrie and her unique and beneficial techniques that have helped me. I spent 3 months in a rehabilitation facility helping to regain important everyday functional movements working with many very good therapists. In March 2016 I was able to return home to Whitehorse. Just to be at home was a huge step physiologically; I am very thankful for “my second chance. “

My initial meeting with Carrie was to discuss and identify some of my chronic pains and my lack of ability to move certain ways. I remember that meeting to be relaxed and informative. Her explanations and descriptions of how we would proceed were very professional. It was very easy to build trust and start my therapy immediately.

I had a pain that I could only explain to be as painful as sciatica pain. It was very deep in my pelvic area that it was hard to pinpoint and explain exactly what was the cause or location. I had tried to resolve the issue with countless therapists but there was never was never much change.

In my first meeting with Carrie, she taught me pelvic mobilizing movement supported by correct breathing, and gave that to me in my first home program. By my third visit, I could actually feel that deep unexplainable pain dissipate. To date the pain is gone and has not returned.

She has helped me reconnect my brain to movements that seemed to be unnatural on my left side, making them more fluid and natural. I have also learned to reconnect deeply with and be aware of my body through yoga nidra.

I know that everybody’s story is not the same as mine but I can bet that there are a lot of people that wake up in the morning and wonder why they have pain and if that is normal.

I love the fact that I am back enjoying the things I love with a new and healthy attitude, awareness and increased mobility and function.

Somayoga therapy is a much better way than medication for dealing with those nagging pains that come and go. I wish I had met Carrie earlier. She has helped me considerably and I am positive she can come up with a helpful plan for you.


D. S.
February 2016
Whitehorse, Yukon

Regains symmety, natural posture and returns to sport pain-free

After 6 years of struggling for results I was fortunate to find Living Truth.  Before working with Carrie I had tightness and pain in the thoracic region in my spine. My ability to enjoy my favourite activities was inhibited because of this niggling repetitive issue. Even daily activities such as carrying groceries had become difficult. For temporary relief I had tried massage, chiropractic and Pilates but it wasn't until I began working with Carrie that the problem that I experienced lasting change.

After a few sessions the muscle tension released and my posture improved. Since then my spine has continued to shift into alignment. Carrie has helped to retrain my postural muscles and now my core muscles engage in a natural gentle way, which is not something I had ever experienced before.

I have improved so much that I even enjoyed playing soccer and tennis this summer. I am grateful for Carrie's sessions because I no longer have an old injury inhibiting me.  Because of her techniques and approach I am now pain-free and able to experience moving in a strong and stable way.  She was supportive, encouraging and intuitive in her holistic approach. I was continuously amazed how my body shifted into a natural alignment because of the exercises and novel methods she used in our sessions. 

Carrie, thank you for teaching me to move in natural way.

A. J.
Fernie, BC
August 2014

Discovers what true relaxation is and eliminates pain

I had previously experienced many types of body therapies and private yoga sessions, but I found Carrie's therapeutic yoga to be far beyond anything else that I had tried. The practice accesses the body and the core self at a very deep level.  

After only one session, my chronic jaw pain disappeared permanently.  After 3 sessions, I was surprised by a positive shift in my mood and outlook that I had not even been aware that I needed. Now, I have been working with Carrie for 9 months and I am aware that my pelvis sits at an entirely new angle. I can stand and walk with greater ease and all movement is so much more enjoyable. Also, I have finally learned what it really means to relax.

And the work just keeps going further than I thought possible. Thank you so much!


Dr. L. G., ND
January 2012
Crowsnest Pass, AB

Rehabs from bulged disk and experiences more strength and stability than pre-injury

I started working with Carrie March 3, 2011 after being laid up 3 months from a lumbar spine bulged disk injury that I experienced from the wear and tear of sports (basketball and soccer), and work (carpentry). The bulged disk was pressing on a nerve in my spine and gave me constant sciatica pain down my left leg and tightness up and down my entire back and into my neck. I had made gains from the Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Massage treatments, yet did not feel strong enough to return to work or the sports that I love. One winter off snowboarding in Fernie was long enough and I was determined to to get back to feeling and moving well. I wanted to learn more about what my body could handle and what was appropriate for my rehab.  I found the one on one sessions with Carrie to be very informative and helpful right from the start, my body responded faster and more effectively than any of the other forms of treatments.   

In just 4 sessions my back and sciatica pain are virtually gone, my posture had completely shifted and for the first time I was standing really tall. My upper chest was open and my breathing entirely easy. By session 7 I was able to go back to work as a carpenter and after a full day of climbing up and down a ladder wearing my tool belt, I only experienced some muscle fatigue in my upper back...no lower back pain or sciatica pain...it was incredible.
To date, I have had 10 sessions with Carrie and I feel great! I played softball and worked 10 hours per days all summer, with only soreness and fatigue from the physicality of the work that I do.  What was most interesting was the first time I did some long boarding (skateboarding) this summer, I noticed how easily I was able to manoeuvre on the board and that I had more core stability and balance than I ever had pre-injury. I highly recommend yoga therapy as an approach to traditional rehab and am excited to continue increasing my strength, stability and function!  I can't wait to play sports again this fall and snowboarding this winter. With the ongoing sessions and knowledge I've gained from Carrie I know I'll be getting a lot more out of my body.

D. T.
December 2011
Fernie, BC

Sciatica pain and left leg foot numbness resolves with Yoga Therapy

We arrived in Fernie in December 2010.  I was having problems with constant pain in my left leg (sciatica) and my left foot was numb.  A few sessions with physiotherapists and a chiropractor had not resulted in any relief from the pain.

In February 2011, I started working with Carrie and by late summer my left leg was free of pain and the numbness in my left foot was gone. The sessions have also helped me work on other areas affecting balance and as a result I am now walking with greater ease.

 I strongly recommend the Private Therapeutic Yoga sessions with Carrie. 

M. H.
November 2011
Fernie, BC

Overcomes sciatica and other pain from Ankylosing Spondylitis

I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis when I was 23, I am now 41 and the pain and limitation to my movement were becoming so bad that it was affecting my family and quality of life.

I had tried yoga for a while and it helped but I was still having pain and limitation in my movement. Since starting with Carrie I have notice a huge reduction in my pain and the limitation on my movement have greatly eased.

This last weekend I was able to get through 2 days with no pain. The fact that I did landscaping for the 2 days and then was still able to be pain free was amazing.

I cannot say enough about Carrie and the program that she has implemented for me. It has truly been life changing.

A. F.
Fernie, BC
February, 2011