For Chiropractors and Osteopaths

Somatic neuromuscular re-education works hand in hand with chiropractic and osteopathic adjustments to support long-term alignment and mobility of the spine, by bringing the brain back to fully controlling the function of the spinal muscles that have become out of balance from various causes.

As is the care with subluxation, the resting position of the muscles on the right side to the left side of the spine sit unbalanced, causing a tug of war on the spine, leading to nerve impingement, facet joint stress, discomfort and pain. Through this safe, effective learning process, clients are able to regain sensation and control of their extensor muscle chain, allowing the muscles to return to a comfortable resting tonus, restoring functional contraction and release of the muscles.

Somatics for Scoliosis

Somatic neuromuscular re-education is brilliant for easing discomfort associated with scoliosis where muscles on one side of the spine are in a tug of war against the other, where clients present with shortened leg lengths and unlevel hips. This re-education work is important in the prevention of unwanted future problems such as bulged disks.

From a somatic viewpoint the spine undergoes load and stress because the muscles on one side of the spine, sit short and locked tight, while the muscles on the other side of the spine are locked long. In many cases the muscles on one side are contracting and releasing too often, while the muscles on the other side are generally locked and immobile (displaying Sensory Motor Amnesia).

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