PainBC Pain Course + Resources for Those in Pain

I love learning and assimilating content that allows me to provide my clients the very best toolkit to alleviate pain in the body and mind.

I just spent 10 hours going through a great program called the Pain Foundations Course offered by PainBC to practitioners who work with clients in pain. Colleagues I highly recommend that you take this course to increase your knowledge and understanding. And clients, I recommend that you head to the PainBC website and utilize all the great tools they have online. Research proves that those who have pain and that are educated about pain, have a better chance of living well.

PainBC has many self assessment tools for you to access, such as downloadable resources and ways to find qualified practitioners in your area.

The Yukon is starting its own Chronic Pain Program Advisory Board, which I have been asked to be a part of, so we are on the right track to empowering everyone with the tools and knowledge support more ease in life for those living with and the caregivers to those with persistent pain.

If you are a practitioner like me, take some time with the Pain Foundations Course. You will learn about the Lived Experience, Physiology of Pain, Biopsychosocial Pain Assessment, Collaborative Pain Management, and Pain Self-Management and Patient Support.

My only additional comment is that they need to add Somatic Neuromuscular Re-educatiotn as an option for movement reintroduction for clients.