Optimistic Autosuggestion to Support Your Healing Journey

The unique role of a Yoga Therapist is to show clients breathing and movement tools that directly affect their central nervous system and its needs for supportive stimulus. Taking tension and pain away, increasing lightness and functional movement are great outcomes of our sessions, yet the lasting work echoes to the depths of their soma, witness body and subconscious mind.

I work to educate my clients about the nervous system and brain and how that relates to pain and dis-ease. We learn about the mind and its impact and reflection in the body.

A powerful techniques that we can draw upon was first used by Émile Coué - French Psychologist and Pharmicist in the late eighteenth century (26 February 1857 – 2 July 1926) using what he called "optimistic autosuggestion."

He asked his patients to repeat the mantra "Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better" numerous times throughout the day - especially in the morning and at night before bed.

Coué understood that working with the unconscious mind expediated the healing process and that people who used the mantra got better, faster.

The Coué method centered on a routine repetition of this particular expression according to a specified ritual—preferably as much as twenty times a day, and especially at the beginning and at the end of each day.[4] When asked whether or not he thought of himself as healer, Coué often stated that "I have never cured anyone in my life. All I do is show people how they can cure themselves." [5]

In order to create a shift we not only must learn to move and breath with ease, we must support our conscious and unconscious thought patterns around what we are facing.

A well rounded Yoga Therapy program includes Mind Work - mindfulness study along with movement and breathing practices. It is now commonly accepted by mind centered therapists and body center therapists that truely healing requires a multi-faceted approach.