Interoception - Building the Capacity to Heal

Interoception - Sensing and feeling from the inside out

In order to heal from pain we must learn to get quiet and listen, tap into our nervous systems and re-orient/rebalance that which is misaligned. My colleague Nicole and I are pleased to share an article that we wrote and is published on page 29 of the Toronto Yoga Conference April 12-15, 2018 Program Guide, called " Interoception - Building the Capacity to Heal".

If you are in a place of pain, there are two very important things that you need to know:

1) You have the power to self heal. Your "soma" is self-sensing and self-regulating and is designed to return back to center.

2) It is essential you learn to get quiet, slow down and build the skill of INTEROCEPTION.

To quote from the article: "Pain creates a disconnect and disassociation from the body and this is the biggest obstacle to healing. As therapists we have the opportunity to teach clients how to re-establish a level of intimacy with their bodies. As this happens their mind gets quiet, they begin to listen to the wisdom of their inner voice, and self healing occurs.

 The reality is that we cannot heal when we are disconnected from ourselves. We need to connect with our inner Self; listen and surrender to its wisdom. A SomaYoga practice allows us to get quiet and current with ourselves. This naturally results in a deeply interoceptive and meditative practice that is not only beautiful but profoundly transformative."

I am excited to announce that both Nicole Ablack-Ramkay and Molly McManus will be teaching SomaYoga at the Toronto Yoga Conference in April. I will be there to assist and help spread the word about future product offerings and trainings.


Stay tuned!