• Join me in learning one of the single most effective self-driven methods to alleviating pain.



  • SomaYoga therapy is simple, empowering and drug-free.

  • Learn about your body’s innate reflex patterns and how they contribute to your pain and interfere with performance in sports, at work and at home.

  • Get quiet, come home to yourself and rediscover ease and well-being.

Meet Carrie Meyer, Pain Resolution Therapist, Somatics Educator


Serving Yukon and Northern British Columbia clients in person, and online sessions to those elsewhere in Canada.

Hi and welcome to my site! I specialize in Somatic Movement Therapy.
What this means is that I teach people about the Somatic Nervous System and how to use their brains to eliminate tension and holding patterns caused by stress, trauma, and unconscious repetitive movement. I really want you to get that you are the only one that can fix you - Retrain Your Brain + Change Your Pain.

I look forward to sharing this transformative work with you.

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