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Resolve Pain: Intro to SomaYoga May 4-Week Series: (Dates: May 9, 16, 23 and 30)
Wednesday's 9-10:30 am
Cost: $100
Location: Breath of Life
Everyone welcome!
Series: Includes free e-book to kick-start your learning prior to workshop start.

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If you are experiencing tension and pain. If you are tired, stressed or simply ready for a change then this workshop series is for you. Learn how to correct dysfunctional movement patterns and re-educate muscles that are keeping you in pain.
Brand new to Canada, SomaYoga is a therapy that blends the brilliance of Somatic Education and the wisdom of Yoga to successfully and efficiently get bodies out of chronic tension/pain and back to functional movement. SomaYoga addresses the sensory-motor system by shifting sub-conscious patterns that hold the body/mind in tension/pain. Try a new approach to moving and feeling better in your body.


I am in Toronto working on an exciting project and taking a break from regular scheduled weekly classes. If you are interested in working with me in a private or group setting please sign-up for my newsletter so that I can keep you informed of new offerings.




Popular classes that I generally offer.

SomaYoga  (All levels) - In this class learn how to use your brain to re-educate your muscles, thereby eliminating pain and discomfort. Learn about functional movement and range of motion and learn how to safely increase strength, flexibility, and balance. SomaYoga provides simple, lifelong tools to age with grace and ease. This is an all levels class and suitable for those with pain and symptoms where a traditional yoga class is just too much. This intimate class setting will cater to your specific needs.

Restorative SomaYoga Nidra Class - Restore, Relax and Renew your body, mind and spirit with this 90 minute class involving a blending of gentle somatic movements, with restorative postures, ending with 30 minute yoga nidra (guided relaxation - waking sleep). This class will nourish your nervous system and replenish stores of energy to support you in your life. This class is great for those with chronic pain, stress, muscle soreness, busy mind or difficulty sleeping.


Workshop - 6 Pillars of Yogic Living and Ayurvedic Practices (All levels) - Join me for this fun and experiential workshop at a private location, just 5 minutes from Takhini Hot Springs. Treat yourself and make a day out of it. Welcome to anyone looking to take a little out for themselves and nourish your 'soma' - your sensing, feeling, self-regulating body. Enjoy this day with an optional post workshop soak in the Hot Springs or hike on the local trails.

Learn how to stay balanced with 6 key wellness practices, movement exploration, self care practices and a yummy, nourishing Ayurvedic meal. Learn how a daily self-care practice can deeply nourish you, improving your overall health and well-being.
This workshop will be a fun, exploratory learning session with hands on self-care and educational practices - discover and try Naysa Nose Oil, Neti, Abhyanga body massage practices, How to Clean your Tongue to eliminate "ama", ayurvedic tricks on proper elimination and more. Absolutely no experience necessary!
Next offering:
Time: 10 am - 3 pm
Includes a yummy Ayurvedic lunch.
Workshop limited to 9 people.